Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Easter Quilt

I had a large amount of half square triangles which were offcuts from quilts I had made previously. It’s fun to make a bonus quilt and it’s satisfying to use leftover pieces from former projects. It appeals to my enjoyment of up-cycling and recycling. I made this quilt during Lockdown…

Summer Holiday

I'm back from Devon, typical British holiday with torrential downpours giving way to glorious sunshine. I did take a couple of photos of some guerilla art I saw when I was in Brixham.And a lovely latte from the Lemon Tree Cafe, just before my husband drank it.


Yesterday I went to take a picture of my favourite piece of graffiti and some vandal has vandalised the vandalism! I enjoy looking at this little cup cake with an 'eat me' label and this little bottle of green drink with a 'drink me' label as I pass them on…