Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Finishing Other People’s Projects

I've had an idea for a business, it's something I could consider setting up when I've retired.  It needs a catchier name but for now I am calling it "Finishing Other People's Projects".  All those projects started with the best of intention now languishing in plastic bags in cupboards and…


I was asked to make a cushion out of an old baby tee-shirt for someone to give as a gift to their colleague (apparently they're scared of foxes?!).  I do like upcycling!  I think it turned out great, used a cushion pad from Ikea.Front BackLove Melanie x

Ping Pong

Look at the ingenuity of my sons! Forced to live in a building site they have fashioned entertainment out of things they've found lying around; a piece of old chipboard, some old wood, gaffer tape all balanced on two dining room chairs. Hey Presto, it's a table tennis table!As lovely…