Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Have a Doris Day!

Bought a lovely cherry fat quarter at the new fabric shop in my town and thought I would make a pinny for friends who have a cherry business.  I love these 1950s style aprons, I think I'll make some more.  I recently watched the Doris Day and Gordon MacRae film…

Gonk Babies – Part Deux

Made more gonk babies!  Dropped off two for my friend's birthday yesterday and just posted the other two to their new home.   The fleecy bits I have left are getting smaller so I think the future gonk babies will be tinier too.  Micro gonk babies?!More gonk love Melanie x

Postcards from the Edge

Love stationery!  I clip and keep images and text which catch my eye from newspapers and magazines so that I can make my own postcards as I also love snail mail!   Sent this one to a good friend yesterday.Happy SundayLove Melanie x

Cake Pops

One of my Seven Sisters Quilt Group friends gave me an article about cake pops recently.  Cakes on sticks!  She knows I like to bake and she thought I would be interested. I bought one from Waitrose reduced from £1.49 to 49p!   It was pretty and delicious. Nice idea for a gift,…

Blackcurrant & Cassis Cake

My friend Alison, who has green fingers, gave me a punnet of fantastic blackcurrants from her garden. I used them to make the Blackcurrant & Cassis Cake from The Big Book of Cakes and Cookies by Hannah Miles. Lovely marbled filling of mascarpone, icing sugar, crème fraîche, poached blackcurrants and cassis. I gave…