Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Coconut Bars

Another winner from 'The Big Book of Baking. I wanted to bake something quickly this morning for my guys to take on their football trip and I had some sour cream left over which I wanted to use. I made the sticky toffee cake from the same book yesterday for…

Hearts + Flowers

I forgot to show you the flowers my Valentine gave me.Aren't they gorgeous?And I got him this hilarious piece of art.Well it made us laugh anyway!Love Melanie x

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had so much fun this Valentine's Day. I am having a giveaway on facebook every month this year and this month I gave away a cream tea at our house.I made the marshmallow cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. They were very pink and glittery.And Nigella's old-fashioned chocolate cake…