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Easter Quilt

I had a large amount of half square triangles which were offcuts from quilts I had made previously. It’s fun to make a bonus quilt and it’s satisfying to use leftover pieces from former projects. It appeals to my enjoyment of up-cycling and recycling. I made this quilt during Lockdown 3 in the UK of the coronavirus pandemic.

I made the triangles in to blocks of the traditional pattern Crown of Thorns. The name of this block comes from the new testament “…and the soldier plaited a crown of thorns and put it on his head and they put him in a purple robe.” John 19:1-5. It is also known as the Wedding Ring or the Georgetown Circle.

As the pieces were of several differing sizes quilt maths was needed. Tools and patterns used in quilt making are for the most part American and therefore use the imperial measurement system. As I am in the United Kingdom I use metric measurements so I tend to work out patterns in metric and convert them to imperial.

I decided to finish the quilt in time for Easter 2021 as it had such a strong Easter theme.

Billie Bluebell Buttercup helping me set out the blocks.

Here is the photo shoot of the finished Crown of Thorns Quilt at the wonderful St Simon’s and St Jude’s Church in East Dean, East Sussex.

I put the following message on my social media accounts:-

To mark Lockdown 3 I made an Easter quilt. I would like to give it to someone who would really like to have the quilt. Do leave your name below if that’s you. Asking across all my platforms.

Here is the Easter quilt in it’s home. I gave it to a couple who I thought would really enjoy having it.

Another quilt finished, I don’t want my quilts to be stuck in a cupboard I like to think they are being used and enjoyed.

Love Melanie Xxx

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