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Special Snowflakes Quilt

I wanted to make an heirloom Christmas quilt, a cover my husband and I could put on our bed every festive season.  I chose the pattern Winterkist Snowballs Quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy which I found in an issue of Fat Quarterly e-zine.  I looked for a design with large uninterrupted pieces of fabric which would show off my collection of Yuletide material.

I almost finished this quilt in time for Christmas and I gave it to my husband unbound.  I have just completed the binding and the label in July!

The quilting design is Christmas Snow by Anne Bright, the snowflakes swirl across the quilt beautifully.  I named this quilt Special Snowflakes after one of my husband’s and my favourite terms, we are Generation X raising Gen Z sons!

The backing is a gorgeous Rose & Hubble slightly brushed cotton, it feels so lovely.

I did a celebratory completion photoshoot with Father Christmas.  Fortunately my Dad knows Father Christmas, I think he mended his roof once, and was able to arrange for me to meet up with him.

Father Christmas is on summer holiday and was quite tired, the build up to Christmas and his seasonal delivery work is exhausting so he had a snooze under the quilt.

Merry Christmas in July!

Love Melanie Xx

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