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Finishing Other People’s Projects

I’ve had an idea for a business, it’s something I could consider setting up when I’ve retired.  It needs a catchier name but for now I am calling it “Finishing Other People’s Projects”.  All those projects started with the best of intention now languishing in plastic bags in cupboards and under beds.  All that potential.  I enjoy finishing work started by others and I get a thrill from returning a completed piece to it’s original maker.  I am a finisher.  Completion is one of my favourite feelings.
This is a quilt as you go project started by my mum at a class she attended.  I’ve never used this technique before and I had to take a row of blocks which she had sewn apart to see how it was constructed.  If I did it again I would insert a fillet of wadding in to the sashing (actually my friend Amanda from Seven Sisters Quilters did suggest I do this when she saw me working on this quilt!).
This technique does give you a reversible quilt, this one is red on one side and blue on the other.
I decided to finish all the projects which were started when I taught patchwork and quilting at the Salvation Army Day Centre and then return them to the stitchers who started them.  I called our group the Salvation Army Stitchers (The SAS!).  It was a fun class and I taught it for two years.  I learned so much about accepting people where they are, it’s okay if someone uses the table on your Bernina sewing machine to make roll-ups on and if every twenty minutes people have to go outside for a cigarette break and if someone brings their Staffordshire terrier to sewing class.  In turn everyone accepted me, we sewed and talked.  Here are some of the projects I have finished from that time.

I’m writing a tutorial called

How to make lots of quilts when you have a job, dependants, commitments and a bizarre amount of laundry.

Hopefully this will give people some tips on how to finish those UFOs (Unfinished Objects).  Until then I’m working on a quilt for a friend’s birthday so I’m afraid I am unavailable.

Love Melanie Xx

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  1. So lovely Melanie, thanks for helping me out! Of course the cherry on the cake giving me back the quilt finished especially as I know the distractions you have in your life!! Your MUM…

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