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Single Irish Chain Quilt

I recently finished a quilt for my friend’s birthday.  I wanted to make a traditional Irish design as she has an affinity for Ireland and all things Irish and I chose to make a single Irish chain quilt.  I made it more contemporary by using a mix of low volume fabric and a lot of purple material, some commercial and some which I had dyed and printed myself.
I often include some “back art” on the reverse of my quilts now and I appliquéd these two mariner’s compasses on to the back of this quilt to denote direction and possibilities.

Debbie Holland quilted this piece with her long arm quilter, the design is by Anne Bright and is called “Luck of the Irish”.  It’s shamrocks.

I enjoyed limiting myself to working with two colour groups and I liked blending traditional with contemporary ideas.
Almost finished my next quilt!
Love Melanie Xx

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