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Vendela’s Tea Cosy

Recently my sister and I travelled to Stockholm to visit the Swedish side of our family.  We had not seen them, in person, for eighteen years.  We had a wonderful time and we stayed at our cousin Vendela’s home where we received such warm hospitality.  We wanted to get her a present to say thank you and as Vendela likes to make her tea in a teapot (I think that’s her British side coming through!) and we knew she needed an extra large tea cosy we decided on that.  Vendela’s (and my Aunty Wendy’s) favourite colours are purple and deep pink so I used purple fabric from my stash and thermal wadding.

I tried to learn some Swedish words whilst I was in Sweden but the only one I can remember now is nyckelpiga which means ladybird.
Ha en trevlig day!
Melanie Xx

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