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Nun Song

My best friend’s daughter is very keen on all things nun related.  I also like nun imagery, we have similar taste.  I purchased this nun fabric from Spoonflower , a company which allows people to upload their own artwork.  You can then buy these designs made in to fabric and the variety available is diverse and incredible.  I made a tea cosy for her family.  I bought a couple of large pieces of thermal wadding a few years ago and I’ve made several cosies since, both for tea pots and cafetieres.

As my friend’s daughter is a student now I made her some nun bunting (or as I like to call it – nunting!) for her room at college.  I used my light box to mark out the lettering as usual.
I found this cute charm with hand-made written on it in my stash and I sewed that on the reverse of the middle flag.
All wrapped up and ready to go.

 Here are some nun cards, the bottom one is for her birthday next week.  My mum bought it locally and it is titled “The Seven Sisters” a play on words related to the cliff formation in Eastbourne.

My sister took me to “Sing-a-Long-Sound-of-Music” as a surprise last year, it was the best nun evening out ever!  Most of the audience had dressed up in costume, there were more nuns and Mother Superiors than you could shake a stick at.  There were girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, brown paper packages tied up with string, a couple of lonely goatherds and one man dressed as a dog bite!
Melanie x
P.S.  Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, ’til you find your dream.  *sigh*

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