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Tea and Sympathy (and Cake!) Quilt

Over the years I accumulated a large stash of fabric with cake, dessert, pastry, teapot, teacup and coffee pot motifs.  Material so lovely that I didn’t want to use it and I just occasionally got out to look at.  However last year I thought to myself I must actually use that fabric, it needs to go in to a quilt!  I used the jewel box pattern by Brioni Greenberg from issue 1 of the Fat Quarterly ezine.

Here is the finished quilt, it’s quite a large one, at the sumptuous Beanstalk Tea Garden.
This tea garden is nestled on to the edge of the South Downs in East Sussex.

There is a very sweet little robin that lives in the tea garden, he came over for some crumbs and unfortunately I’d downed that apple, rhubarb and ginger cake in one and only managed to scrape together a couple of minuscule fragments of sponge to offer him!

The backing fabric has shelves of teapots and plates on it.
Longarm quilter, Debbie Holland, quilted this quilt with a teapot and teacup design by Anne Bright.
On our bed.

 Labelled with love!
A summery quilt on our bed!
Love Melanie Xx

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