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Selvage Stocking

Selvage or selvedge?  I think it depends on whether you speak British or American English. A selvage is an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it unravelling.  The selvage is not needed in quilt making and is removed, however, they can be very pretty.  The printing on the selvage edge may contain the name of the fabric and the manufacturer, the copyright, date and colour dots.  These colour dots which are the manufacturer’s registration marks are used to check that the fabric is properly printed and not skewed.  Instead of throwing them away many sewists now use selvages in projects.

Here’s some selvages.
My fellow quilters at Seven Sisters Quilt Group have been very generous in saving their selvages for me and I used them to make a Christmas stocking.
I had some festive ribbon in my stash which had ‘With Love at Christmas’ printed on it which I used for the tag.  Added a Christmas pudding button.
I gave the stocking to my Mum, we’d already agreed to just do presents for the kids so I just put one small present in.  It was a jar of mince pie jam from The Crafty Bustard, a local small business recommended to me by my running friend Dee.
It takes a lot of selvages to make a project.  It will probably take me a year to save up enough to make another Christmas stocking!
Happy New Year!
Love Melanie Xx

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