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V.I.Q. (Very Important Quilt)

Like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin quilt-making and I had a conscious uncoupling this year.  Until a few weeks ago my Bernina 440QE has barely seen the light of day this year.  Sewing and I needed a break, we needed to try other things.  So in 2015 I put away my rotary cutter and my cutting board and I have tried some different activities; springboard and platform diving, cooking vegan food, boxing and meditation amongst them.  Recently I welcomed needle and thread back in to my life and it was a beautiful reunion.  I wanted to finish the quilt I started for my eldest son’s 18th birthday (before he turns 19!).

Sewing at Potters Barn Studio before Committed to Cloth moved venues.
Some of the fabric I used are off-cuts from the two quilts I made for my good friends’ 60th birthdays.  There is some beautiful Australian cotton given to me by my namesake friend.  I like the fact that the quilts share material, that they’re linked.  One of the enjoyable things about patchwork is looking at the completed quilts and remembering where the fabric came from, thinking of the people who gave it to you.
I handed quilted the piece with a repeating circle pattern to contrast with the triangles.
Fantastic spotty backing material given to me by my teacher Leslie Morgan.
Handsome son and his lovely girlfriend wrapped up in the completed quilt with our little terrier.  The quilt my Mum made for me is folded on the edge of the sofa.
It’s my son’s 19th birthday next week so I’ve finished this blog post just in time.  Just in case he happens to stumble across it I’d like to say – love you and so proud of you Son.
love Melanie Xx
P.S.  Should probably start 16 year old youngest son’s 18th birthday quilt now!!  

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