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Merry Christmas Quilt

I had in mind that I wanted to make a Christmas quilt for a friend I have known all my life, in fact, my sister’s best friend.  There is something special about friendships that have lasted for many years; a common bond, a shared history.  I have wanted to make a Christmas quilt for some years but by the time November arrives time has already run out, I realised the only way to make a Christmas quilt is to make it in the summer!  I used the scrappy trip around the world pattern by Bonnie K Hunter and in the middle of a beautiful, balmy, hot summer I pulled out all my Christmas fabrics.  This was a proper scrap quilt and I mixed up all the festive fabrics I had; contemporary, traditional, old, new, bright and dark.
The first block!

I had the quilt long arm quilted by the talented Debbie Holland in a holly design.

Made with love x

 This quilt is a large lap quilt size.  I like to think of my friend and her family snuggled up under this cover in Christmases to come possibly watching a repeat of The Morcambe and Wise Christmas Special 1972 or a lovely Christmas film.

It was such a pleasure making this quilt that I think I’ll make another Christmas quilt next summer!
Happy New Year!
Melanie x

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