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Birthday Quilt

It’s my good friend’s special birthday today and I started making this quilt for her in March.  I thought long and hard about what kind of quilt to make her and I chose the pattern Pebble Grove by Tacha Bruecher which I found in one of the Fat Quarterly e-zines.  I used 3 Moda 5 inch charm packs and some gorgeous tea-stained fabric for the background and backing.

 First block made!
 I did some of the work at Potter’s Farm Studio on my Committed to Cloth study days.

 Some of the work I did at home.
Debbie Holland helped me with the quilt maths, when I was half a yard short on the backing fabric (and it was the end of the bolt!) she gave me a little geometry lesson and explained how I could cut the material I had to fit.  The backing was a real patchwork.
 Love that new wadding smell!
 Quilted with swirls to echo the design on the tea-stained fabric.

 All finished, binding on and ready to gift wrap.  Out of all the quilts I’ve made this one was one of my husband’s favourites.  I like the pattern very much, my friend Amanda is considering making one in Christmas fabrics which I think will be lovely and festive!

A cake was needed too, of course.
Happy birthday to a very special friend!
Much love
Melanie x

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