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Rainbow Cake

I wanted to make a very special cake to celebrate my Mum ‘s 70th birthday.  The rainbow cake has been all over Pinterest for some time and I’ve been waiting for an important occasion to try it out.  As my Mum is part of Rainbow Christian Fellowship (formerly known as Indian Christian Fellowship) it seemed especially appropriate.  There are many recipes online and I used this one at  
Multi-coloured batter
 Wilton Icing Colours give a really intense colour.
 Rainbow spectrum
 Cake board and toppers from The Sugar House as usual.
 Cream cheese frosting.
 Skittles.  Taste the rainbow.
 My top tip is to put the Skittles on at the last minute so the colour doesn’t bleed in to the frosting.
 Everyone enjoyed the reveal as the first slice was removed.

It was a fun cake to make and also delicious.
Happy 70th Birthday Mum!  
Love Melanie x

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