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Quince Charming

Hello, my name is Melanie and I am a quince addict.  Really, a quincehead, a quince freak a quince fanatic.  Cheese and quince are a marriage made in heaven, a sublime and wondrous combination. Here are some of my quince related purchases.  Who knew there was so much quincy goodness available.

Oo, Fortnum & Mason
From Barley Sugar Deli in Meads, Eastbourne (love this shop it’s where I got my Christmas Stinking Bishop from!).
Present from my husband, aww.
I got this handmade membrillo at the local farmers’ market.  Membrillo is a Spanish quince paste which is often paired with Manchego, sheep’s milk cheese.
Even from Asda! (and only £1.50).
So I desperately wanted a quince tree of my own.  I wanted to make my own quince jelly.  My husband has a client who owns a verdant and fruitful quince tree and inspired by her I purchased a tree from the internet.  The company I bought the tree from advised me to plant it in November which I did.
My tree grew and blossomed.
It produced one huge quince which I used in an apple and quince crumble.  Delicious!  I imagined a bigger crop arriving the following year, enough fruit to start making some quince jelly with.
Quince and pumpkin.

Then my quince tree started to look a bit poorly.  It got leaf burn, leaves burned by the wind.  I moved it to a better position.  The next spring it grew a little and then, dear readers, my quince tree died.  I left it for a year hoping there was some life in it but this story doesn’t have a happy ending.
In November I will plant another quince tree, I’m hoping to purchase a more established tree.  Then hopefully, a quince filled future!
Love + quinces
Melanie x

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