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It’s All Good

In solidarity with Gwyneth, who I believe has been having quite a time of it lately, and because we’re trying to eat as healthily as possible I have reviewed her book “It’s All Good”.

Chicken Francese, as Gwyneth says “Italian comfort food done in a gluten-free style”.  Always good to find another way with chicken.  Thumbs up from my family.

Cold avocado + cucumber soup, this was quite bland.  Surprised I wasn’t keen as I flippin’ love avocados and limes (there was the juice of three limes in this recipe).

Middle eastern turkey burgers, these were nice and tasty.

Sauteed potato side are my choice, not Gwyneth’s.
NY street vendor salad with yoghurt-tahini dressing, this was a salad!  Yes, I did serve it with sausages and cauliflower cheese.  So shoot me Gwyneth!!  There is rather a large jar of left-over yoghurt-tahini dressing in the fridge.

Turkey meatballs, my lot love a meatball.  These were carb and gluten free.  Lots of herbs in them and a punchy tomato and basil (bay-zil) sauce.  We liked.

I also made the turkey + black bean chili with sweet potatoes which I forgot to take a photo of.  D’oh, never forget to photograph your food my friends.  My eldest son thought it was weird as the meat was white and the beans black and he is used to the traditional brown meat with red bean chili.  My husband said he liked it.
I think Gwyneth and Julia Turshen have come up with some good ideas for healthy family meals.  I wouldn’t use some of the products, for example, Xylitol, gluten-free flour, vegenaise.  Faddy eating is not encouraged in this household as it was not in my parent’s house when my sister and I were growing up.  There are always two choices at dinner time; take it or leave it!
All the very best with your ‘conscious uncoupling’ Gwyneth, I hope and pray you change your mind.
Love Melanie x

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