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Gift Bags

I do think a gift bag makes even the most mundane gift quite glamourous.  Here is a selection of more recent gift bags I’ve made.  I made this zipped pouch for my aunt as she’s mad about hedgehogs.  The hedgehog pattern is by Penguin & Fish, I started it at the embroidery workshop taught by John Adams at the 2013 Fat Quarterly Retreat.

Photography gift bag for photographer friend.
Moose bag for moose-loving friend.

Ice cream gift bag for Dad.

Tortoise gift bag.

Don’t you think this tortoise looks like Marge Simpson?
Lobster gift bag.
Owl gift bag made from owl quilt offcuts.

After the gift has been removed they can be used as “useful bags to put things in”, rather like the “useful pot to put things in” that Pooh gave Eeyore for his birthday (it was originally a pot of honey but Pooh accidentally ate it en route to Eeyore).
Love Melanie x

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