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Bushcraft Flowers Quilt

I made this quilt for my friend’s special birthday and I think it’s one of my favourites.  It’s a Moda pattern I first saw on Pinterest called ‘Nough Said’.  I wanted to make a quilt for this friend which celebrated her love of bushcraft and fortunately another friend gave me these beautiful Australian and aboriginal prints.  My Australian friend and I share the same name, we met on Facebook and happily she has come to visit us in England several times now.

At Potter’s farm Studio.
 There was a lot of piecing involved in this quilt.
Much concentration was needed with the lay-out.
 Narrow and wide border added.
I pieced the back with scraps leftover from the front (as the backing wasn’t quite wide enough and because I like a little back art!).
Pieced and on the wall.
Quilted and bound.

 Debbie, the longarm quilter, quilted the quilt for me with an Anne Bright pattern called Eucalyptus.  It’s quilted in a fabulous variegated thread called passionflower.

 I used this patch for the label.  I diligently label my work with the name of the quilt, date, my name, place and the recipient’s name.  Sometimes I embroider labels but recently I’ve been using a pigma pen.
My friend really liked the quilt, she is planning to celebrate her birthday all year so this was a good start.
Love Melanie x

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