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St Louis 16 Patch Quilt

After spending a lot of my time in the last few years working with purples and greens I was ready to use some different colours.  I made this St Louis 16 Patch quilt using blues and oranges.  The pattern was all over Instagram and many versions of this quilt were made in 2013.  I dyed and printed most of the fabric and I also used a pack of African material very kindly given to me by ma camarade préféré.

Design board

With two blocks to go I ran out of orange and blue printed fabric and had to screen print some more.

 On my kitchen floor!
 For the backing I dyed a large Marks and Spencer’s bed sheet orange.  My Mum brought it from a charity shop for £2.99, what a bargain!

I gave this quilt to my husband for Christmas, so I still get to see it everyday.
Here is the finished quilt with the binding on being modelled by Miss Billie.  The quilting pattern is called Alex and was longarm quilted by Debbie.
Happy sewing everyone.  I am very much enjoying watching ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ at the moment, I hope you are too.  If I was more confident in my dressmaking fitting skills I would apply to be on the show myself.
Love Melanie x

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