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The Meringue Girls

Here at Melanie Makes Meringues I was eagerly awaiting the release of The Meringue Girls Cookbook.  I wasn’t disappointed when my copy arrived, it’s a beautifully put together, bright book filled with gorgeous photos, tips and recipes.  Here is my review, I tried three of the recipes.

I bought myself a box of Wilton icing dyes to attain the very bright colours in these recipes.  I also bought myself a pack of disposable piping bags from Lakeland.
“Meringues are all about volume!”.
The Meringue Girls heat their caster sugar at a high temperature for five minutes to help it dissolve in to the egg whites.  I had not heard this tip before but it worked well.
Adding matcha green tea powder to flavour meringues.
Coconut kisses and green tea kisses.
You can fool yourself that the green tea meringues are a bit healthy!
Next I made the lemon meringue cake.
A lovely lemony loaf cake is scooped out and
filled with lemon curd.
The cake is topped with a marshmallow meringue which contains marshmallows melted in the microwave.  As the marshmallows contain gelatine, this meringue method does not need to be cooked to set.  My kids enjoyed this cake, it looks fun and has that lovely lemon curd surprise when you cut in to it.
Finally, I made the salted caramel, poached pear chocolate drizzle tray bake.  This is a great recipe to make if you are having friends round as it is not only delicious but it looks pretty and you can get all the components ready in advance and do the construction part near the time when you will require dessert.  Our friends, Steve and Susie, really liked it.
The pears poached in cinnamon infused sugar syrup were scrumptious.
My local supermarket had run out of Two Chicks free-range egg whites so I had to use eggs resulting in quite a lot of spare yolks.  Fortunately my husband is training so I made scrambled eggs with nine egg yolks in and bacon for Sunday tea.  He appreciated the protein.  Creamiest scrambled egg I’ve ever had!
I would recommend this book.  In it The Meringue Girls, Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman, say their aim is to “demystify meringues, which are notoriously hard to make”.  I feel thay have certainly done this in an attractive and quirky book.
Love Melanie x

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