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Tea Room Update

I’ve ramped up the kitsch and camp quotient in my tea room.  The Bulbul Nest is looking quite fabulous Darling!  I thought I would give you a little update.  My collection of royal divorce china is, I feel, complete.  That is, of course, unless I manage to acquire any commemorative china from the wedding of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden.  My husband recently told me that he’d read that Prince Andrew and Fergie may re-marry.  He saw the horrified look on my face and said “It’s alright, they did get divorced so you can keep their crockery in your collection even if they marry again”.  Phew.  On to the the new stuff; I love these Japanese plastic dolls.
 I’ve suspended some tissue paper flowers from the ceiling.
I bought a new doll house to renovate from the tip shop for £5.  It’s adorable, a fixer-upper.  I also bought a new tea set from the Age UK charity shop.  It’s gold and green, subtle!

 A hook from the Little Duck Forge.  My husband’s friend Lucille is the blacksmith who made it.  It’s a beautiful object, I’m very impressed with the workmanship (workwomanship?!).
 A new door mat, plastic grass and pink flowers.
 My husband glued the Elvis he found in to a block of wood to stop him falling over.  He’s not “All Shook Up” any more.
Wonderful books from my sister; Some More Of Me Poetry by Pam Ayres and Adventurous Cooking with Fanny Craddock.
 A clay block embossed with a bird picture my youngest son made when he was little. Aww.
A Jane Foster screen printed sausage dog I made from a freebie kit from a magazine.
Photo bombed by Prince Andrew himself!
An owl doorstop I made from a kit my Aunty Anna sent me.
It’s filled with kiln-dried sand from my husband’s yard, it’s really squidgy!
A knitted owl I made my husband (boyfriend then) for his graduation in 1991!
Some gorgeous red lanterns my friend Jacky gave me.
Finally some photos of the alliums I grew outside the tea room in the summer.  They were so beautiful and next year I’d like to grow giant alliums there.

Love my lady shed.
Love Melanie x

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