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New Term, New Lobster

The blank canvas of a new term!  Started back at Committed to Cloth at the beginning of September and it was good to be back after a summer break.

 Screen printed some lobsters with the thermofax screen of my sister’s lobster design.  I used screen inks instead of dyes and rolled over them with a textured roller.  Fun!!

 More rolling.

 There are metallic inks available at Potter’s Farm Studio so I made some shiny lobsters.

I dyed a huge Marks & Spencer’s cotton sheet which my Mum picked up from an Age UK charity shop for £2.99.  It was white and it’s now very orange.
 I am going to use it to back the quilt I am currently working on.

 I screen printed one last piece of fabric for my current quilt as I am just a little bit short.  I was just going to use any vaguely suitable piece of material but thought better of it. It would have been “spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar”.

 This morning I made a gift bag with one of the pieces of lobster fabric.  It seemed a shame to cut it up but now it’s finished I like it (and who doesn’t need a lobster bag?).

Front and back

 I wrapped up some stationery to go in the bag and now I’m going to deliver it to a friend.  It could be you!

Altogether a very enjoyable, productive and lobstery start to the new term.
Love Melanie x

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