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Owl Post

Oh, I miss Harry Potter.  My family waited on tenterhooks for a new installment every year or two.  Hedwig, the owl, swooping in to Hogwarts dining hall to deliver another important owl post.  I recently sent an owl post of my own (although I did send it by Royal Mail!) to our friends who have moved to Geneva, Switzerland.  I made an owl quilt for them.  My husband gave me some gorgeous owly fat quarters for a Christmas gift and my best friend, Jane, gave me some fantastic African prints and some hand dyed fabric from the Minerva Arts Centre in Llandiloes.  I also bought some great owl fabric when Jane and I went to the wonderfully named Aberdashery in Aberystwyth.  Here are some photos I took of the quilt in one of my favourite parks, in fact, it’s the park where my husband and I had our wedding pictures taken (21 and a bit years ago!).

Polka dot backing!

Detail of the owl and flower quilting, long arm quilted for me by Debbie Holland at Longarm-quilting, Pevensey. 

Owl gift wrap!

Owl vanilla marshmallow pop

from Dylan’s Candy Bar, New York

Ready to mail.
The parcel arrived safely in Geneva and the quilt is now in it’s new home.
Love Melanie x

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