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Olive is one of my favourite magazines, I always have it in my magazine rack in my waiting room at work.  One of the many advantages of having my own clinic is that I get to pick the reading material.  Olive’s strapline is “Eat In, Eat Out, Eat Away”, it’s a publication for foodies.

 So I made the mini coffee and walnut bundt cakes from the April edition, fortunately I own the appropriate bakeware.

 There was sour cream in the batter which always gives a nice mouth feel.

 They went a long way; two boxed individually for friends………
 Two for a friend whose plate I needed to return (we rarely return plates empty!)………
 And two left for my husband and I to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversay!

 From another edition of Olive I made a pastel de tres leches (three-milk cake).  This is a sponge cake, popular in many parts of Latin America, which is soaked in three kinds of milk; evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk.

 It was VERY sweet!
 You can see the moat of milks in this picture.
What’s your favourite magazine?
Love Melanie x

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