Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.


In my first year at Committed to Cloth I took the Wet n’ Wild wet media course.  I produced quite a lot of fabric including this piece.

I pleated a piece of cotton sateen, tray dyed it with petrol green procion dye.  Next I used a manky brush to brush it with soya wax and then painted it with a thin magenta procion dye.  I call it “Slaughterhouse Floor”.  I’ve been planning to construct something from it for a while and I wanted a quick project to use as a sorbet palate cleanser between quilt courses so I made a bag at my September “back to school” Committed to Cloth session.

 I’ve had an idea for a bag using wooden curtain rings for some time.
My machine quilting has improved in the last year or two.  It’s practice and relaxing in to it (some say a large glass of wine helps but I haven’t tried that yet!).  You have to remember not to tense your shoulders.
 I quilted a freehand bar pattern.
Pleased with the end result!
Love Melanie x

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