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Tea Room

I’ve wanted a tea room for a long time.  I was going to run it with my friend Jane, we even got the tabards! (pink and embroidered with ‘Jane and Melanie’s Tea Room’).  Well now Jane we have our tea room!!  My husband has built one in our garden.  We’ll be serving Welsh rarebit, crumpets and Earl Grey (milk or lemon?) before you know it.

Would you like to take a look inside?
Vintage 1840’s stove from Ebay.
Welsh dresser
I made the bunting from fabric from my Aunty Wendy and  my friend Jane and the remaining backing fabric from  the quilt I made my neighbour.
Gorgeous strawberry tea cosy made especially for this room by my Aunty Anna. 
Fabulously ghastly Prince Andrew and Fergie crockery from the Mind charity shop.
Lovely hexagon patchwork cake stand my Mum made me for  Christmas.
One of my Mum’s ‘pre-loved’ finds.
A sink with hot water!  Chair from Age Concern  charity shop with blanket crocheted by my husband’s Nan and repaired by my Mum (who learned to crochet in an evening to do so!).
Barley twist table from local antique shop, platter from tip shop and teacups from Samaritans charity shop.
Rag rug from Etsy.
Fire alight, cosy!
I pass this Vintage Tea House in Reigate on my textile study days, must stop and  go in and get some ideas.
I really like my new tea room, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood maybe you’d like to drop in for a cuppa!
Love Melanie x

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