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A couple of years ago I bought a doll house from my favourite shop in Eastbourne, the tip shop!  The staff at the council tip in Eastbourne trawl through the stuff that people throw away and sell anything that they can.  It’s an excellent idea.  I’ve had some amazing bargains from the tip shop, I got my Dad a Bill Bryson book for his birthday for 50 pence.  The doll house cost me £2.
Front elevation
Two little dolls live in there, their names are Agathe et Elodie.  Agathe has been in the bath  for a long time (as I haven’t made her any clothes yet!).

They have a pet guinea pig.

They like their food.

A lovely needlepoint cushion on the bed made by my Aunty Anna.

I love this range oven and pans that my Aunty Anna gave me.

 It really is a charming little house but the problem is that it is quite small.  I decided to go up a rung on the property ladder and I have invested £7 (!) on a new residence from Eastbourne tip shop.  It is a fixer-upper and I think I am going to have to get the builders in but it does have heaps of potential.

The entrance needs renovating.

The windows do too!

1970s wallpaper!

It’s nice and spacious.

It came with an out building (all included in the price!).
So refurbishing this doll house is going to be one of my next projects.
Love Melanie x

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