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Limited Edition Hawaiian Mr Pinchy Mini-Me

My husband and I wouldn’t let our sons have a Facebook account until they were thirteen so my youngest son missed out on all the Facebook giveaway fun of the last few years. I decided to have a special giveaway just for him and I asked some questions that only he could reply yes to including – Can you make your Spanish teacher twitch just by entering the room? (Hola Señora B-B!). I asked what prize he would choose and he asked for limited edition Mr Pinchy finger puppet. He also wanted the finger puppet to have a finger puppet!  So here is Hawaiian Mr Pinchy (one of the brides on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding sported a similar outfit, I give you My Big Fat Gypsy Lobster!).

I’m thinking of other possible limited edition Mr Pinchys I could make!
Love Melanie x

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