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I finished the banner I have been working on since the spring before my self-imposed deadline of the end of the year.  Here is a picture of the work in progress during a critique at Committed to Cloth.

 The lettering is always one of the most time consuming parts of making a banner.  I choose my fonts relating them to the work and print the letters at the appropriate size.  Then I transfer the letter on to fabric to which I have applied a bonding agent, for example Heat n’ Bond or Bondaweb, using a light box.  Then I cut them out, heat bond them on to the background with an iron and applique round each letter with a blanket stitch.  It all takes a while!

 And here is the finished banner on the wall at church.  I wanted to make a contemporary, thought provoking banner.  I used the image of the everlasting laundry basket, one thing is sure and that is that you will produce laundry for the rest of your life.  You can never reach the end of your laundry as soon as you can see the bottom of the basket new laundry is created.  I have been thinking about this scripture for some time.  We say Rest in Peace when one of our loved ones or someone we respect dies but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could rest in peace now.  Twentyfirst century life doesn’t offer us a whole lot of rest.

Rest in Peace
Melanie x

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