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Seem to have been making a lot of bags lately.  I’ve been holding on to this adorable piece of vintage fabric for a while now and I recently used to make a little cocktail bag for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend.  I had enough material and trim to make two so I also made one for myself.  Love that vintage 1950s look.

 I dyed this percale a charcoal colour and then discharged it using thermofax screens and an old brush for the border fabric.  This screen is a cow parsley design from thermofaxscreens.

 I quilted it with cow parsley shapes too, to echo the design.  I like the way it looks on the back, like autumn trees.

 The other side of the bag is another piece of the charcoal fabric discharged with a sand dollar design and a circular sponge.

 Now I don’t have to carry my cutting mat and ruler to class in a large plastic Next bag!

This bag has a sepia look which I like.
 I made this for a Snoopy fan friend’s baby.  It was a present for her dedication service.
 I love Snoopy (still!)
Well, I think that’s all the bags folks!
Love Melanie x

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