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Strawberry Cloud Cake

Made my first Strawberry Cloud Cake!  Mmmmmmm……….  The recipe is from The Big Book of Cakes & Cookies by Hannah Miles who I think won Masterchef UK a couple of years ago.  Here’s how you do it; make a meringue shell in a springform cake tin.

 Then make a strawberry syrup, let it cool and add it to whipped double cream with softened gelatine to make a lovely light pink mousse.

 Put the mousse in the meringue shell, refrigerate for two hours and cover with more whipped double cream and strawberries.

 I would happily fall face first in to one.  It comes in a couple of other flavours in the book; Lemon & Raspberry Cloud Cake and Coconut Cream Cloud Cake.

This was for my Mum’s birthday so I stuck a little fairy candle in it!
Happy Birthday Mum!
Love Melanie x

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