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May Cake of the Month (only a little bit late!)

Here’s what happened with May Cake of the Month :-

It’s May Cake of the Month time! A Rapture related question for you, how would you like to spend your last day on Planet Earth? Leave your answer below and you could win a fantabulous, rapturous cake (if I’m still here to make it!).

Winning May answer – If… It were our last day on earth I would like it to be my wedding day all over again.. all the people I love most in The world were there to share my day and make it as wonderful as it could have possibly been… it truly was the best day of my life owing to all the wonderful people who were there x x

Winner won an Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe from Feast by Nigella Lawson.

Runner up May Answer – Oo it’s all kicking off at 6 tonight (our time). Just in case, could you leave a spare cake somewhere I could find it? Thanks.

Last day on earth? I’d spend it in bed with L****** and R** eating Weetabix and watching Sopranos.
Runner up won a Malteser Cake recipe also from Feast by Nigella Lawson.
Well the world didn’t end!  There will be more cakes.
Love Melanie x

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