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Royal Wedding

I made a Royal Wedding care package for my Australian namesake and I can finally tell you about it as it has arrived.  It took over a month!  I thought it was lost in the post.  The parcel contained union flag serviettes, small notebook and stickers and a tea cosy which I made.

I made the tea cosy from vintage cotton lawns which one of the lovely ladies in my quilt group gave me and ribbons and trim from my stash.

The metre of thermal wadding I purchased is lasting a long time, you can certainly make a lot of tea cosies from one metre!

Going along with the Royal Wedding theme April Cake of the Month was a mini Royal Wedding cake.

Ah April, tis a bittersweet month. I always thought if it didn’t work out between me and Mr B I could always marry Prince William and be Queen but sadly I have to report that Lee and I are very happy and it seems that William will marry Kate…..sigh (BUT I WAS BORN TO BE QUEEN!!!!!). So April Cake of the Month will be a small wedding cake. If you were invited to the big shindig what wedding gift would you take for Mr and Mrs Wales?

 My April answer! – I would give them a garlic press as I just got a very posh one from my in-laws for my birthday and it’s very useful. Also, one of my favourite memories is staying with my good friend J*** C******, J*** P***** as she was then, in Swansea when we were students and saying to her “There’s a garlic press on your bathroom floor” to which she replied “I know, it’s been there for months”.

 Winning April answer No. 1 – Controversially, I hate garlic presses. They’re a pain to clean and you waste garlic. I’d buy the royal couple a good set of knives. Every kitchen needs sharp knives- they have soooo many uses. Chopping garlic being one of them.

Winning April answer No. 2 – That garlic press stayed there for the whole year we rented that house. Never knew where it came from. I would give them a knitted dolly toilet roll holder like you gave me. Who wouldn’t want one of those.

Winning April answer No. 3 –  They are in Wales & called Wales ( but why not Windsor ? ), so I’d buy them a Welsh love spoon.

Congratulations to the winners of the cakes and huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (wasn’t it a lovely wedding……sigh)
Love Melanie x

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