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I thought we’d have a little catch-up as I didn’t blog over Christmas I didn’t show you some of the pictures I took.  I was really pleased with this lobster stocking which I made for the last facebook giveaway of 2010.  Here’s the question: –
It’s the final giveaway and I am giving away a handmade lobster stocking with orange marabou trim and a treat inside if you can answer the following question. If it takes 12 eggs to make 2 Christmas cakes and 1 dozen gingerbread cookies, and 19 eggs to make 3 Christmas cakes and 2 dozen gingerbread cookies, how many eggs does it take to make one Christmas cake? Have a go, have a guess, phone a friend!
Did you get the answer?
Our good friends dropped this box of delicious muffins round.  Mmmmmmmmm………..

 I made 22 Matryoshka dolls in all.  I gave them as take home gifts at my quilt group and book group Christmas parties and I made one for my Mum (an Anglo-Indian Matryoshka) and one for a friend’s grandaughter.

I got the Peanuts fabric for this tea cosy from ebay.  It was for the November 2010 facebook giveaway.
Here’s the question: –
It’s November Giveaway Time! This month I am giving away a Peanuts tea cosy and a trug of tea. To enter the competition please leave a comment mentioning your favourite tipple. If you’re not sure what a trug is just ask someone from Sussex!
And the winner answered: –

 Cappuccino made at home using the expresso machine my lovely kids gave me a few birthdays ago…ice cold ginger beer (Safeways own used to hit the spot, but sadly no longer)…Orangina because it reminds me of holidays in France…red wine ( for the same reason) and advokaat and lemonade (aka Snowball), the first ‘grown-up’ drink my dad used let me try at Christmas. I’m sentimental when it come to tipples

 Here’s a baby quilt I finished for a very special baby, I embroidered her name on it (but I’ve covered it with a handy duck!)

Looking forward to more making in 2011!
Love Melanie x

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