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February Cake of the Month

February Cake of the Month.  Sorted.
Here’s what happened: –
It’s February Cake of the Month!! This month I am giving away cherry coconut brownies, they are limited edition as they are from an Australian Women’s Weekly recipe and require one of my friends to send over a Cherry Ripe bar from Oz (thanks to Hannah currently living in Perth!). Ah February, when our thoughts turn to the romantic; did you ever have a crush on a teacher when you were at school? Spill the beans and you might win the brownies!

 And the winning comments: –

 My biology teacher looked like Tom Selleck (Magnum PI) …..thanks to him and those moustached good looks, that was about the only subject I did really well in!!

 Mr Baird – wasnt he lovely ? Passionate about Macbeth to the point he lost himself, especially when he wrote on the overhead projector screen thinking it was a Nobo white board !!
I made an old school coffee and walnut cake as a runner up prize.  It was as nice, if not nicer, than the brownies!  Thinking up a question for March now.
Cake love
Melanie x 

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