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Return of Cake of the Month!!

I am happy to announce the return of Cake of the Month!  Wahey!!  I am doing it for my facebook giveaway fun this year and January’s cake was a Chocolate Malteser Cake.  The recipe was from Feast by, everyone’s favourite, Nigella Lawson.  Answer a question of my posing and you could win a cake.

I made two and here are the winning answers to the question; would you rather live in a wigwam or an igloo?
 Igloo, lots of warm furry animal skins in the snow and ice… Skiing, making snowmen and other Pingu type high japery available outside the front door – fabulous!
could i not put a wigwam around an igloo and have the best of both worlds,even the multi-coloured tie dyed one.just a simple thought by a simple person xx
Already working on February’s giveaway!
Love Melanie x

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