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Attack of the Killer Almond Cakes.

I have been going through an almond phase. My Mum picked up a load of sugared almond favours which were left behind after a wedding she went to (I take after her I can’t abide waste either!) and that started me off. I made my husband an almond cake for his birthday from a Nigella recipe (from the divine ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’). Then I made an iced cherry and marzipan cake from the leftover marzipan for the staff at my old clinic. The recipe was from It was the most almondy cake in the world containing as it did; ground almonds, marzipan, almond extract and amaretto and topped with sugared almonds. Hopefully nobody there has a nut allergy!

Do you like almonds?
Love from Melanie x

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