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It all started with Gary the Gonk. I made him to go in the 1970s themed gift box I made for my April facebook giveaway.

Gary the Gonk

Here he is sitting on the edge of the gift box. Doesn’t he look handsome?

We often talk to our kids about the 1970s; when you had four cardboard library tickets instead of a swipe card, when my Mum knitted my sister and me matching purple trouser suits on her knitting machine (and prayed it didn’t rain!), when we took our lunches to the beach in a cool box and we were allowed one ice cream and I had a “Midnight Mint”. So they wanted a 1970’s gonk each. Let me introduce you to Darren and Kevin (fine 1970’s names!).

Groovy, aren’t they?
Love Melanie x

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