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Committed to Cloth

This year I am taking a wet media course with the Surrey based textile artists Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan who together run Committed to Cloth. The first session was snowed off and re-booked for last Sunday. We learned about low-water immersion dyeing with demonstrations followed by hands-on work. I enjoyed myself immensely and learned a lot too. The teaching style is friendly and easy to understand. I still have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about art. Still rememember being asked to leave the artroom at school after being told my assessment grades weren’t good enough for me to be able to take o-level art. A long, humiliating walk across the artroom in front of all the other kids. Well my old school I would like to say to you “Apparently Marc Chagall didn’t take o-level art either!!!”.

I dyed a metre of cotton sateen without urea to produce a crunchy effect.

Then I went on to dye 12 fat quarters of cotton sateen three shades (light, medium and dark) of golden yellow for the first part of family dyeing. We will do the next part in the next session.

We bagged our work up to rinse at home.

Voila! Rinsed and washed, I’m really pleased with my fabric.

The location of the studio is stunning and the other women seem really nice. I woke up this morning thinking about fabric, I’m looking forward to the next session!

Love Melanie x

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