Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Mr Pinchy

I promised to reveal my mystery project to you and here he is in all his glory – Mr Pinchy!

He is a fairly big lobster puppet. I occasionally use puppets to tell stories, mainly at church. Mr Pinchy made his debut last Sunday in a story concerning him and his arch nemesis a jellyfish called Julyan.

Just spreading the lobster love

Love Melanie and Mr Pinchy xx

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  1. In between making puppets, dolls, quilts, cakes, bags, puddings, being a podiatrist, mum , puppeteer, etc etc – when do you actually stop and have a cup of tea? You are a human dynamo. Have you got ADHD? PS Not gwcharles – it's Jane – can't remember how to log in!

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