Cutting + sticking + sewing + baking. My creative life.

Things I Like!

Homemade onion bhajias…………Mmmmmmmm…………crisp, hot and fragrant. Considerably nicer than the solid, little cannonballs you can buy in the supermarket. Cheaper too :0)

Mr & Mrs Doak’s Bumper Book Shop for Boys and Girls in Eastbourne has the most amazing window displays. They are changed regularly, I will keep an eye out and take a photo next time there is a new one. They have the sweetest tea room too!

The view of the South Downs from the back of my new house.

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight!

And Viakal! I adore Viakal, I am totally committed to limescale removal ;0)
What do you like?

Love Melanie x

One Reply to “Things I Like!”

  1. Eating fruit, plums, figs, apples… straight off a tree
    Freshly washed, crisp vintage linen sheets
    Fleamarkets, carboot sales, scouring, rooting ,digging, delving, salvaging, recycling,
    Waiting in the wings, ready to go on stage…

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