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Not much baking going on here at the moment but I did make myself a very delicious breakfast of porridge topped with seeds, nuts, dried cranberries and a spoonful of almond butter. I had a huge mug of green tea to go with it. I’ve been inspired lately by Kath Eats Real Food. As her blog title says she eats real food and the recipes are fantastic, I love her breakfasts.

Went cycling with my sons on the Cuckoo Trail today which is our local branch of the SUSTRANS (cycle) network. It was so beautiful and I am kicking myself for not taking my camera. I did take a photo of the blackberries we picked when I got home. My youngest son is a very keen blackberry picker.

They are going to make a tasty blackberry and apple crumble tonight and I can’t help being pleased with the fact that they are free!

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  1. Chuffed – just worked out how to post you a comment! Hurrah! Porridge and green tea? What happened to the coco pops? Large packet on it's way to you by the way – should be with you Friday or Saturday! Love Jane xxxxx

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