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Bento Box Quilt

Let me show you my work in progress. It’s a large and very bright quilt from the bento box pattern. The fabric is mainly fat quarters I received as gifts. My husband often buys me fat quarters as presents and he tends to be drawn towards the bright ones. The backing fabric is a cotton hospital sheet that my friend Amanda gave me. I dyed it flamingo pink with Dylon and it came out of the washing machine a fabulously vivid colour. Diana Vreeland said “Shocking pink is the navy blue of India”, I have an Anglo-Indian heritage and I’m often attracted to this colour palette.

I am quilting it with large circles. I am in no hurry to finish it as it is going to hang on the hallway of my house when that’s finished and the builders are still putting the roof on as of today! So I just take it as a hand quilting project that’s easy to shove in a bag and take to my quilt group once a fortnight.

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